Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop - Live Earth, London - 07 [Remastered]

Red Hot Chili Peppers performing Can't Stop Live Earth, London 2007.

I've done a few adjustments to the audio to make it better.. Tell me what you think!




  • Эй, вы, Руууссские, я записал кавер для вас! 💿🗽🥳🌶🔥

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  • 5:05 The what? I understood the words "can't stop" every once in awhile.

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  • The irate steel adventitiously boast because medicine repressingly surprise off a squealing tuesday. therapeutic, free glider

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  • Amazing 🔥🤘🇵🇪 Nostalgias 😭

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  • london looks like theyve never heard of a mosh

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    • which i know isnt true. wheres your sense of spirit xD

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  • I didn’t know Alex ovechkin was a great guitarist

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  • awfull song

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  • awfull sound

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  • only pussy girls can like this shit

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  • gayfish band

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  • it's more pops than rock

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  • Im Glad a mysterious spirit didn’t come out of my iPad and electrocuted me

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  • Бассиста слышно, убавьте

  • Such a hugely over rated band

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  • Poor Chad Smith lmao

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  • Cant start

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  • when i read the title of this video i thought they were doing a cover of i can’t stop partying by weezer

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  • I think this a snow patrol song because i saw the thumbnail image.

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  • I hope he uses that fiesta red strat in upcoming gigs

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  • The amount of times I’ve come back to this video

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  • John is the man. Unfortunately he is also a junkie. When he runs out of "real $). He comes back to RHCP. I wish him the best. Amazing talent

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  • Is not a single comment going to mention that Anthony botched some of the lyrics?

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  • this band live sounds very booring

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  • That is the biggest pedalboard I've ever seen

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  • Is that Steve Merchant at 6:57?

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  • What a guitarist..🙏🙏

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  • I can never get that punky sound on my guitar😣

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  • The soul of Hendrix is alive in John

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  • Why is it all white people in the crowd?

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  • John Frusciante is fuck ♥️

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  • Didn't know Henri Hooft was so good at the drums!

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  • Did the avengers know Tony stark could sing?!

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  • I wish if they make an albub just them jamming no vocals

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  • Just John and Flea. Don't need more....

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  • Locuraaaa

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  • omg i love john frusciante soooo much ❤️‍🔥

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  • Faltou muse nesse live earth

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  • :)

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  • Junky

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  • Did... did the sound guy turn down flea mid solo? He is unworthy in the eyes of the gods and must repent

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  • Podría repetir la intro de este video toda mi vida.

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  • Jimmy Hendrix be pround!

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  • Wow, those three guys just masturbated in front of tens of thousands of people for three and a half minutes whithout a hint of self consciousness. Stardom really does mess with you.

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  • these individual musicians are so good they should form a band together .

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  • Flea broke the no-long-hair-no-headbang

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  • I don't get it.

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  • Wow he has a fender like me but mine is sky blue and his is ruined red

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  • Just Stephen Merchant jamming out in the crowd

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  • Izdrkavanje

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  • あと100万回は見ることになるだろうな

    誰か俺の家の鍵知らない?誰か俺の家の鍵知らない?6 ימים לפני
  • John signs significantly better than Anthony

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  • He looks like Linus Tech Tips ngl😂

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  • No one makes it scream quite like John.

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  • I bet RHCP have so much fun in the studio just doing stuff like this.

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  • John Frusciante is God!

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  • que epico que es esto aa

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  • 6:55, oh, hi there Stephen Merchant!

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  • Мурад?

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  • This is extremely funny in 2x speed

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  • Smerch

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  • Safely the most boring crowd ever. They all look like competition winners held against their will.

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  • かっこいいー

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  • Te amo chica de la tienda que escucha rock

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  • Will ferrell and Jim carrey have done it again!

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  • I come back to this about every 2 weeks

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  • The wretched diving currently cheat because susan annually thaw astride a ossified sundial. loving, sick plough

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  • Звук голоса говно, так тупо им испортили звучание

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  • Great bass player. Overated band

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  • When your intro jam is better than any Muse song.

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  • 👏👏👏🇦🇷🇦🇷👏❤❤👏👏👏👏

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  • MBR-MusicMBR-Music9 ימים לפני
  • James Blunt playing guitar ? :D

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  • 시파 왜 좋아요를 한번 만 할수 있는거지?

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    • 노래 ㅈㄴ 좋긴함 ㅅㅂ

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    • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  • Their on-stage outfit was so litt Dudes in a cut jacket, a blanket, a polo shirt and straight up half naked

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  • someone tell me what flea says in some of the parts that he sings

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  • That was so good…

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  • 3:35

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  • Is Chad Smith using a double bass at the start of the video, or is he hitting the low tom rapidly?

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  • Stephen Merchant at 6:55 just vibing out nbd :)

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  • Did anyone notice that the beginning is a small hint to voodoo child?

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  • I love how all the band members literally look like the dude you would expect to see buying a pack of smokes and an energy drink at 6 am

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  • live heroes ever RHCP

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  • They should of named this Should Stop instead, and stop making a mockery of the great band they used to be, before phoning in pop songs for the past 20+ years

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  • The best thing about this video is that there are no ads 🔥

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  • mito demais

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  • 2021 still powerful as ever

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  • 20 bucks says somewhere on that stage, there's a chalk outline of that guitar 🎸 ⚰

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  • Muito bom

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  • I love heavy music too, but sometimes we need to relax our ears, feel free to check my list Cheers!! :)

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  • I can never forgive RHCP for what they did to Mr. Bungle.

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  • sin duda jonh es un pvt0 amo con la guitarra sus solos me causan orgasmo xddddd soy raro lo se

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  • John frusciante plays his guitar like Jimmy page

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  • 5:16 nice shot of a fringe

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  • flea's got some deep deep groove! dayum!

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  • Caralho mano, impossível parar de ouvir

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  • Sounds like hip hop with music And I like it.

    Rigved GirkarRigved Girkar14 ימים לפני
  • Frusciante always looking like he just woke up from a nap just to go on stage and kill it with the intro casually like he's not playing for 100 thousand people. That's what's so cool about him hes not some self important rock star who is worried about his image he is just pure soul with his guitar and has no other worries

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  • The fuck is wrong with this crowd

    Jaded-Li'l MonsterJaded-Li'l Monster14 ימים לפני
  • Wow flea put his clothes on now that’s monumental

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