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[Chorus: Pop Smoke]
I like my yummy yellow (Yellow)
And that a** feel like jello (Jello)
Shorty light skinned and tatted (Tatted)
A** fat, so I grabbed it (Grabbed it)
I gave her this d**k and I lasted (Lasted)
No rubber, no plastic (No plastic)
You know I had to get right, mama (Mama)
I gotta get my baby (My baby)

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
She know my worth
Kissin' on my jewels, f**k a n***a out his shirt
No time for holdin' hands, she holdin' my worth
Baby pop that p***y in everything but a Perc
I'm grabbin' that puh make it so she never hurt
She lickin' my wood, never too classy to slurp
Look me in my eyes when you tell me that it's mine
Told her I'm too playa, I can't fall for the lies
I know baby (Baby)
That you're a bad lil' somethin' and that a**, it drive me crazy
And I swear that nothin' else phase me

[Chorus: Pop Smoke, Pop Smoke & Chris Brown]
I like my yummy yellow (Yellow)
And that a** feel like jello (Jello)
Shorty light skinned and tatted (Tatted)
A** fat, so I grabbed it (Grabbed it)
I gave her this d**k and I lasted (Lasted)
No rubber, no plastic (No plastic)
You know I had to get right, mama (Mama)
I gotta get my baby (My baby)

[Verse 2: Pop Smoke]
It's Pop Smoke (Pop Smoke), she know my worth (My worth)
Young flossy n***a, she know I'm in my Birkin (My Birkin)
She zippin' down my pants, I'm takin' off her shirt (Her shirt)
Kissin' on my neck (My neck), liftin' up her skirt (Her skirt)
I'm f**kin' her good, makin' sure she c*m first (C*m first)
I had to get it in before she went to work (Oh)
All I need is w**d and Henny (Henny), no chaser (No chaser)
Can't nobody replace her (No)

[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
I like it when she make me whistle
She make it stand up like a missile every time I kiss her
You know it's the thighs for me
Why you totes undressed, make you cry for me
Ooh, get you wet, wet, wet
Ooh, bend your back like that
Ooh, baby, just like that
Didn't know you could shake that a** like that

[Chorus: Pop Smoke, Chris Brown, Pop Smoke & Chris Brown]
I like my yummy yellow (Yellow)
And that a** feel like jello (Jello)
Shorty light skinned and tatted (Tatted, oh)
A** fat, so I grabbed it (Grabbed it, ooh-oh)
I gave her this d**k and I lasted (I lasted)
No rubber, no plastic (No plastic, no rubber, ooh)
You know I had to get right, mama (Mama, get right)
I gotta get my baby (My baby)

Outro Beats by: @bloom.sound on Instagram

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