Honest Trailers | James Bond: No Time To Die

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Honest Trailers | James Bond: No Time To Die
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Logan Rees, Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen & Randy Whitlock
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne



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  • "if something's wrong with the face they hate the human race" Literally how they create villains, you put it fully into words

    Jessie BJessie Bחודש לפני
    • @Oldan Slo Deadpool isn't exactly a good guy either

      Gamer ChildGamer Child7 ימים לפני
    • Palpatine: Goooooood!

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy793929 ימים לפני
    • Also counts for internet memes.

      Dhiraj PallinDhiraj Pallinחודש לפני
    • @Fernando Peñaherrera And instead they just didn't put makeup on his face LOL and you could say he has buggy eyes (but so does Malek).

      ZanFearZanFearחודש לפני
    • Nothing wrong with that, it's long been a Bond trope along with Martinis, gambling, gadgets, fast cars and hot women.

      wefinishthis nowwefinishthis nowחודש לפני
  • "Stop all motor functions." I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Well done!

    DarkDarkחודש לפני
    • Pretty sure it's a spoiler alert 😂

      Max JensenMax Jensen10 ימים לפני
    • @Holly Sterling ahh no wonder I didn't get that joke

      carlosfer2201carlosfer220115 ימים לפני
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Danny HenryDanny Henryחודש לפני
    • oh, it's dark the botted account

      EvoneEvoneחודש לפני
    • that one was really unexpected :D i liked also Harry potter reference :D

      Michal MikulášiMichal Mikulášiחודש לפני
  • When you talked about Bond being immune to death, you missed the part in Skyfall where Moneypenny kills him by shooting a bullet into him where he then falls off the top of a moving train on a tall bridge, falling into the deep chasm below. Somehow Adele teleports him to a remote island in the next scene where he just shows up with no explanation on how he survived.

    wefinishthis nowwefinishthis nowחודש לפני
    • You will see. The Doctor always regenerates and comes back with a new face. Er ... I meant James Bond.

      UouttoooUouttooo21 יום לפני
    • Dude I hate plot armor so much

      Dwann WilsonDwann Wilsonחודש לפני
    • Yep, you never heard about the healing power of music? He would have died from blood loss, drowning, or both. It's also funny that MI6 doesn't even try to rescue him, even with Moneypenny knowing where he fell. Oh, movies.

      Cristiano dos Santos GomesCristiano dos Santos Gomesחודש לפני
    • @jobe13 oh I forgot about that! It's like the writers have just given up explaining how he survives impossible situations and just given him mutant healing superpowers. *spoiler ahead* A few missiles would be barely a scratch.

      wefinishthis nowwefinishthis nowחודש לפני
    • @wefinishthis now I forgot to mention that Bond survived the bad guys throwing a freaking TRAIN at him!

      jobe13jobe13חודש לפני
  • "I don't regret a single moment that led me to you" - Emo Bond So, Vesper's death was super-easy, barely an inconvenience

    Thomas R. HartThomas R. Hartחודש לפני
    • Imma need you to get aaalll the way of my back about Vesper.

      Angry OxAngry Ox21 שעה לפני
    • I c ma homies from screen rant crossed over 🤘😂

      Homo SapiensHomo Sapiens4 ימים לפני
    • You crossed over to the Pitch! Wow, wow, wow. Wow.

      goldeneddiegoldeneddie8 ימים לפני
    • I'm gonna need you to get waaayyy off my back about Vesper okay.

      Charlie DesperadoCharlie Desperado10 ימים לפני
    • And M's death was just another Tuesday, apparently.

      inr 97inr 9725 ימים לפני
  • Spot on with the explosion immunity. The grave blast in the beginning alone should've at least put him into intensive care for weeks.

    AnnaDraconidaAnnaDraconidaחודש לפני
    • @James Sutton everything electrical except his earpiece. And his remote detonator. And his explosives. And the thing mapping the building. And 007’s gear.

      Brennan RuizBrennan Ruiz16 ימים לפני
    • @Brennan Ruiz I know right, also why does his EMP watch kill everything electrical around him....except for the earpiece in his ear? Would think he would have lost communication long before running into that "mysterious" blackout zone which was also never explained.

      James SuttonJames Sutton16 ימים לפני
    • Yes there's suspension of disbelief and then there's surviving a grenade explosion at point-blank range without a scratch. According to this movie's logic, Bond should have came out of the final air strike with a mild concussion

      Enzo CrespinEnzo Crespinחודש לפני
    • I dislocated my shoulder watching it !

      Mr. TrickyMr. Trickyחודש לפני
    • @Brennan Ruiz when people said that I was like.... why didnt he kill his Daughter and Madeline Swann when they touched? they have Mr. White's DNA he was apart of Spectre.... they did say the nano virus would kill any relatives right? does that somehow not include his daughter and grand daughter?

      Jason UJason Uחודש לפני
  • That line about Paloma was just spot on. That movie needed so much more of her (and so much less of the secret kid trope).

    Cess ERCCess ERCחודש לפני
    • I found Bond’s awkwardness about the whole situation pretty hilarious.

      Angry OxAngry Ox21 שעה לפני
  • Paloma was a great character in this movie. I hope they bring her back.

    raydunakinraydunakinחודש לפני
    • They can't

      Gamer ChildGamer Child7 ימים לפני
    • She should most definitely become a Felix Leiter type for the next bond!! She is too great and her role too short not to come back!

      Andor RadnaiAndor Radnai15 ימים לפני
    • In a parallel universe where the next Bond film features Nomi, Paloma can be her Felix.

      Yit Han OngYit Han Ong15 ימים לפני
    • one of my favorite girls in the movie. shame she was just for a few minutes

      DannyDanny17 ימים לפני
    • She should be the next bond if it has to be a girl lol

      blackrackblackrack17 ימים לפני
  • Am I the only one who laughed out loud at the dad who was “introduced in the Bush administration”? 😂

    La AbLa Abחודש לפני
    • me too hahahah

      ZZ9 ימים לפני
    • Nope. I stopped the video for a good chuckle at that one.

      David FergusonDavid Ferguson16 ימים לפני
  • its not the line about him being immune to explosions, its the line about him exploding a little each day to build immunity. Imagine his cereal is just a bowl of those firework poppers

    PsychoLucarioPsychoLucarioחודש לפני
    • Mentos cereal and diet milk.

      V is for VoidV is for Voidחודש לפני
    • Snap, crackle, BOOM

      BeohunBeohunחודש לפני
  • "The guy explodes himself a little bit each morning to build up immunity". On point.

    Nick AdamsNick Adamsחודש לפני
    • Well, God bless you and everyone else

      Adam WashingtonAdam Washingtonחודש לפני
  • "There's no one in-universe who'd care that much about an employee ID number, right?" Sports teams sometimes retire numbers for incredibly skilled players to honor them, so maybe. And honestly, the subtext of "I'm the agent who replaced James Bond" is a pretty solid national-intelligence power flex.

    Christopher Ver HoefChristopher Ver Hoefחודש לפני
    • @Atrus233 The concept of an internal 007 Hunger Games for nothing more than an ID number sounds more interesting than the plot of this whole film, to be honest

      Madness RebornMadness Rebornחודש לפני
    • @Dave Doe Let's be honest, there's probably at least 12 other agents at MI6 that all fought each other to get the 007 number once Bond was gone. Just so that they can say they are 007. Nomi just ended up winning. (Not a literal fight fight amongst all 13, but there was jealousy.)

      Atrus233Atrus233חודש לפני
    • “My name is Bond. The agent who replaced James Bond.”

      magicmuldermagicmulderחודש לפני
    • It's a cry for validation. Otherwise it would have been 008 Prove me wrong.

      Dave DoeDave Doeחודש לפני
  • so you're telling me Bond went to a secret island with a bunch of henchmen dressed in pink suits lead by a leader in a long gray coat. James Bond meets Squid Game CONFIRMED

    YegsClipsYegsClipsחודש לפני
  • I'd love to see you take on 2016's "Elvis & Nixon" starring Michael Shannon & Kevin Spacey -- and Colin Hanks, John Knoxville, Alex (yummy) Pettyfer.... !!!!

    Hanala SagalHanala Sagalחודש לפני
  • Should have mentioned that Craig finally FINALLY gets to play with more Bond gadgets than a user-identifying gun. They really went all out this time.

    Yit Han OngYit Han Ong15 ימים לפני
  • I'm suprised Bond was able to have a kid after what happened to him in Casino Royale.

    Max MuetzelMax Muetzelחודש לפני
    • Billy Jean

      JustFlyJustFlyיום לפני
    • We all are

      MimiSoloMimiSolo2 ימים לפני
    • Same

      kid elikid eli4 ימים לפני
    • Easy hard balls

      Polaris SVPolaris SV4 ימים לפני
    • True😄

      Vance NeumannVance Neumann5 ימים לפני
  • Paloma was by far the coolest and sexiest bond girl out of the whole franchise.

    Glacyite FreezGlacyite Freezחודש לפני
  • The fact that same actress who played Marta in "Knives Out" played Paloma in this movie still blows my mind. I could look at the IMDb listing 50 times and still question whether it's true. That's some acting.

    jlillerjlillerחודש לפני
    • Ana de Armas

      Diego M-ADiego M-Aחודש לפני
    • Daniel Craig handpicked her for NTTD after working with her in Knives Out :)

      Tara NguyenTara Nguyenחודש לפני
    • I thought that was her but was doubting myself. Nice.

      Tim DrakeTim Drakeחודש לפני
    • Dude, you gotta see her in Knock Knock. Trust me.

      jimthar17jimthar17חודש לפני
  • "Where did Paloma go?" 😂😂 I agree. She was by far the best thing about this movie

    Anthony DAnthony Dחודש לפני
  • Haven't seen one of these in a while. God! I missed them. So on point with the commentary. LOVED IT!

    Neil imaNeil imaחודש לפני
  • "Walking the fine line between being an alcoholic and being British." That is, in fact, a very fine line.

    Mattalica1972Mattalica1972חודש לפני
  • "if something's wrong with the face, they hate the human race" that made my day lol.

    scruffy pugsscruffy pugsחודש לפני
  • "Cease all motor functions" and "He who should not be named" had me dying lmfao

    MysticMysticחודש לפני
  • Hats off to you all one of the best honest trailers in a very long time. Laughed my arse off. 😀

    Mark StallardMark Stallardחודש לפני
  • I like how the villain didn’t have any reason at all to want to kill most of the world. He just kinda did it because „lol I can“

    Sir Peter BaumSir Peter Baumחודש לפני
    • Seemed like he was leaning toward a Thanos type reasoning.

      atomicplumber88atomicplumber88חודש לפני
    • Actually he just wanted money and power, killing is a collateral effect of selling his product.

      Cristiano dos Santos GomesCristiano dos Santos Gomesחודש לפני
    • A villain with an actual reason would have fit better for the movie. In general though, some people just want to watch the world burn. Or at least the people on it.

      DeklatisDeklatisחודש לפני
    • @Kel Green Damn, I must have missed something in Bohemian Rhapsody

      Jens JonkersJens Jonkersחודש לפני
    • “Some people just want to watch the world burn”

      El HopperEl Hopperחודש לפני
  • Whoever came up with that "Biological Weapon..." joke needs an immediate raise 😂

    GiovanniGiovanniחודש לפני
  • her dad was introduced during the bush administration had me dying. i totally forgot how long its been since Craig started

    Vincent ValentinVincent Valentinחודש לפני
  • Hey screen junkies. I love the honest trailers and its very clear you put a lot of effort into them because of how good they are. I would like to recommend that you do Castaway with Tom Hanks (made in 2000 i think). It would be an awesome. Thank you and can't wait for the next video.

    Juarez FamilyJuarez Familyחודש לפני
  • I gotta mention, this is the best honest trailer in a long while.

    Man Of PeaceMan Of Peaceחודש לפני
  • "If somethings wrong with the face they hate the human race" was great

    Kevin JustinKevin Justinחודש לפני
    • I cried laughing :D

      Hasan HmoudHasan Hmoudחודש לפני
    • Sums up Bill Gates.

      Airmack EeeeAirmack Eeeeחודש לפני
    • Reminds me of Mr. Plinkett's "If he sounds fake, it's a mistake."

      JLevJLevחודש לפני
    • The Joker would liked to have a word with the Bond Villians…

      John NgJohn Ngחודש לפני
    • Including the ones with weird mustaches

      HRH The Duke of GlasgowHRH The Duke of Glasgowחודש לפני
  • one of the best honest trailers for a very long time, thank you Screen Junkies

    AngeloAngeloחודש לפני
  • That moment when the Honest Trailer pays more homage to the deceased Bind actors than the movie did.

    Thatcher BennettThatcher Bennettחודש לפני
  • I really enjoyed the end of the movie taking place in the villain's secret cold war missile base full of henchmen. It was really nostalgic and made me wish they'd make a decent Bond game for old-time's sake.

    L3XANL3XANחודש לפני
    • Goldeneye game was awesome ;)

      Skyebright1Skyebright1חודש לפני
    • Apparently the team behind the latest Hitman games is working on one.

      GuyYouMetOnlineGuyYouMetOnlineחודש לפני
  • "He explodes himself in the mirror a little each morning just to build up an immunity." Made me burst out laughing 😂

    Randall SilverRandall Silver22 ימים לפני
  • "who spends 10 minutes making the audience say: who is that? and 150 minutes saying where did Paloma go?" So true, Ana de Armas talents were wasted in this film.

    Harun KaraliHarun Karaliחודש לפני
    • I believe in an interview the director indicated it was originally a smaller role...then he like d Ana's performance so much, it expanded to 10 minutes.

      Mike WeinMike Weinחודש לפני
    • @R.A. Vee She is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Also a very good actress. Stood out a mile in this movie.

      al201103al201103חודש לפני
    • They should have made her the new 007. She would have been a far better choice.

      Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnsonחודש לפני
    • @Andy McGuire so “ciao” was a much better send off I guess?

      THE ZOID. with FreakyTHE ZOID. with Freakyחודש לפני
    • The movie needed more of her.

      TesterTesterחודש לפני
  • I never thought "cease all motor functions" could have ever had me in fits. Thanks for proving me wrong

    Frostxc3Frostxc3חודש לפני
  • Ana De Armas was absolutely love and fantastic in this one.

    adingdingdiiingadingdingdiiingחודש לפני
    • Asking her scenes alone would have been great.

      ArcaryonArcaryon21 דקה לפני
  • I saw this in theaters a few weeks ago. Glad I did, gotta say.. I may have cried a bit at the end. Also wooo that Colombian bond woman in the dress, got my blood warm

    Chris AndersonChris Andersonחודש לפני
  • This looks more fun than the actual movie!

    A BishopA Bishopחודש לפני
  • That "cease all motor functions" line made me cry. Never expected it. Really nice

    Nikolas EfthimiadisNikolas Efthimiadis22 ימים לפני
    • @Nikolas Efthimiadis excellent stuff. Thanks pal (I haven't seen that show).

      David FergusonDavid Ferguson8 ימים לפני
    • @David Ferguson it's a reference for Westworld. The dude was a main character in that show.

      Nikolas EfthimiadisNikolas Efthimiadis8 ימים לפני
    • I've seen a few folk saying how this was a great joke, but it passed me by. Can you explain it please?

      David FergusonDavid Ferguson16 ימים לפני
  • 06:15 lmao, almost spitted my water out from laughing....so fitting. Former Bond would take care of all that.

    ken0746ken0746חודש לפני
  • "The fine line between being alcoholic and being British." Been walking that line for years my friend.

    Chad SeftonChad Seftonחודש לפני
  • Thank you for including the absolute best line Sean Connery every spoke. Life Motto!

    Greg CarterGreg Carterחודש לפני
  • I haven't seen that movie yet and even I know that Ana De Armas needs to be in it more. Hell, she needs to be in everything.

    WolflordWolflordחודש לפני
    • @margareth michelina Not exactly wasted if she was the highlight of it

      Madness RebornMadness Rebornחודש לפני
    • I like her since Knives Out. Shame, her talent got wasted in this movie.

      margareth michelinamargareth michelinaחודש לפני
    • @Zapp Brannigan Your name makes that comment have such a greater effect.

      MellowNocMellowNocחודש לפני
    • @Zapp Brannigan That's my girl, hands off. Had a thing for her since Blade Runner edit: typo

      Jimmy MJimmy Mחודש לפני
    • @Audioescenas Because we'd love her to be plular. One for each of us.

      MatiZ815MatiZ815חודש לפני
  • "Cease all motor functions" I burst into laughter, really didn't see it coming. You're funny.

    Sébastien PSébastien Pחודש לפני
  • This video makes me enjoy the movie even more

    Gustavo MoreiraGustavo Moreiraחודש לפני
  • Love the Wayne’s world reference!!! “Just gonna cross the T’s and dot the…..the…lower case J’s”

    Cody KascoliCody Kascoliחודש לפני
  • I was pretty sure I didn't want to see this movie, thanks for removing any doubt. Keep up the good work.

    Rance-Jackson ProjectsRance-Jackson Projectsחודש לפני
  • The "Cease All Motor Function" and following starring segments were laugh out loud on point this time. The first few had me worried.

    NukeMarineNukeMarineחודש לפני
  • The Crisp Rat joke was spot on 💯

    VizzyVizzyחודש לפני
  • Damn the starring section was extra savage. Ngl the 'cease all motor functions' Westworld reference and the way Jeffrey Wright just plumps to the ground is just 💀💀

    Rrit ChakrabortyRrit Chakrabortyחודש לפני
  • The Connery ending was brilliant

    Joseph HydeJoseph Hydeחודש לפני
  • The ending with the John Mason clip was the chef's kiss.

    Glen KimGlen Kimחודש לפני
  • Showing Sean Connery at the end wasn't fair at all. It just makes the contrast between movies then and movies now harder to bear. We miss you Connery!

    A FA Fחודש לפני
  • Great trailer for a great movie. Honestly this and CR were the only Bond films I really liked from Craig.

    ion bingion bingחודש לפני
  • Give me the chills with the line "Welcome to PlayPaintChill. You just gained honor +2 for following us ! ".

    DER SteffenDER Steffenחודש לפני
  • Jon Bailey now THAT was the most HONEST review of NTTD I have seen!

    Richard HarrisRichard Harrisחודש לפני
  • I’ll take Roger Moore any day of the week and twice on Sunday over Craig. His movies were infinitely more fun.

    Vinny VVinny Vחודש לפני
  • They included Craig's earlier four films in the box set when I updated my proper Bond films to Blu-Ray so I would imagine this one will be included when I upgrade to the next format that gets invented.

    ShireknightShireknightחודש לפני
  • Hannibal Spectre and „he who should not be named“ really got me! 😂😂😂

    Max JahnsMax Jahns24 ימים לפני
  • Absolutely agree with your take on Ana De Armas. I wanna watch a movie about her character.

    G. SmithG. Smithחודש לפני
    • shes rumored to be in a john wick spinoff

      Vincent ValentinVincent Valentinחודש לפני
    • Paloma was charming, funny and casually masterful and if there isn't a spinoff for her then I'm going to use this genetic targeting thing I've built on the Bond people.

      k ck cחודש לפני
    • @fred fredburger For about 10 mins. Knives Out gave her the whole film, and was also a much better film overall. Bond films are cliched, so she'd have to fit into a mold. Despite that imo she was the best character in the whole film, easily trouncing the other two women. And even if they gave her more time, she'll still be a second - or third or fourth - string character in a Bond film. Since, you know, they're about the Big B himself.

      Manikarnika TambeManikarnika Tambeחודש לפני
    • @Manikarnika Tambe This bond movie is literally her shining.

      fred fredburgerfred fredburgerחודש לפני
    • @Sharvay If they start by revealing that M used to use the identity, "John Steed", give Ana the identity of Catherine Gale, let that new 007 be Tara King, and it will all be set up so when they all get together they can be called.....[drum roll]......The Avengers.

      Hari SeldonHari Seldonחודש לפני
  • “Riding the fine line between alcoholic and British”. I mean… yeah. That’s valid. Back in the days when George Lazenby was Bond, there was no line between alcoholic and Australian

    TychoCelchuTychoCelchuחודש לפני
    • And back when it was Connery there was no Scottish without alcoholic.

      Andor RadnaiAndor Radnai15 ימים לפני
  • “Riding the fine line between alcoholic and British” ouch. That hit way too close to home

    manofmeatmanofmeatחודש לפני
  • I always loved the Craig Bond movies expecting the Spectra ( pleasing visual but terrible story and pacing), but this one, this finale, the only thing enjoyable was Ana’s character, that 10 mins of her was the only part I remembered after spending 3+ hour in the theatre 😂

    Yang RangqingYang Rangqingחודש לפני
  • Yeah, the most entertaining parts were with Ana de Armas. That was when it started to feel like a classic Bond movie.

    Mister WiZeguyMister WiZeguyחודש לפני
  • ”Fine line between British and Alcoholic” 😂 “Cease all motor functions” 😂 “Law and Order SUV” 🤣

    CameravilleCameravilleחודש לפני
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fully agree!

      Wilma N.Wilma N.9 ימים לפני
    • Also the obligatory Voldemort reference.

      Ali C.Ali C.חודש לפני
    • @bluekirty me too, came here just to find who else did

      MafaldaMafaldaחודש לפני
    • I literally snorted with the fine line between British and alcoholic line

      bluekirtybluekirtyחודש לפני
    • Yeah, old Land Cruiser beats the Rovers 😂

      Krz SkoKrz Skoחודש לפני
  • Best one yet! "James and the giant breach!!!" that was pure genius :D :D

    ziggyfrndsziggyfrndsחודש לפני
  • We still need the other Bonds movie compilations! Also: Eternals And of course: Tremors franchise!

    PoMaQuePoMaQueחודש לפני
  • I've watched all the reviews that either liked this movie or not and couldn't figure out why I didn't want to watch this movie but screen junkies you have perfectly explained to me why so thank you.

    bigoz169bigoz16920 ימים לפני
  • Goddamit, Ana de Armas was so criminally underused in this. Her character was so fun and just oozed charisma.

    Luggi83Luggi83חודש לפני
  • To be honest, I appreciated how cheesy the movie was at points, which yeah okay, Bond movies tend to be anyways, but the whole secret evil lair that is a whole island, the main evil dude being evil because he can, were just refreshing after countless of movies giving you a reason for every single thing. Still a bit sad about the end, but oh well, Bond always comes back with a different face.

    MyCapOfMyCapOfחודש לפני
    • The cheesiness is absolutely necessary for a Bond Film. If this wasn’t a big depression session it could have been one of the funnier Bond films.

      Andor RadnaiAndor Radnai15 ימים לפני
    • @Lakea I just made the exact same comment, lol. Then I read yours and was like D***, I wasn't the first to make the comparison!

      Spencer McMillanSpencer McMillanחודש לפני
    • James Bond is the Doctor...

      Spencer McMillanSpencer McMillanחודש לפני
    • When you put it like that, James Bond is Doctor Who, only with an Aston Martin shaped TARDIS.

      LakeaLakeaחודש לפני
    • @Michael Deeks must be an alternate universe nolan! or maybe he'll make really, really good movies in the future and muffinman is just travelling backwards in time! :)

      pizda matiipizda matiiחודש לפני
  • “While giving Bond a child...how...progressive”🤣🤣

    G SanchezG Sanchezחודש לפני
  • Thanks for making me believe Bond will be back. I needed that 🤣

    Dam CeesayDam Ceesayחודש לפני
    • @Dam Ceesay Spoiler. Kinda. The Villain from the James Bond Film Goldeneye gets shot in the face (on screen) and blown up (also on screen) and yet he survives. That gives me some hope.

      Andor RadnaiAndor Radnai14 ימים לפני
    • @Andor Radnai who?

      Dam CeesayDam Ceesay14 ימים לפני
    • If you need any more food for belief, look at Goldeneye’s Villain! ^^

      Andor RadnaiAndor Radnai15 ימים לפני
  • Indeed, Ana de Armas was the best part of this movie!

    ZdenekLUZdenekLUחודש לפני
  • my god this was the most depressing end to a pretty good james bond era, I wish I could get my time back

    Frosty boiFrosty boiחודש לפני
  • I kind of expected you to mention the ludicrous chase in the Norwegian woods during which all the bad guys basically kill themselves on roots and branches.

    minomininniminomininniחודש לפני
    • And cars go flying like they're bouncy castles on the run

      mimimurloughmimimurloughחודש לפני
    • You have obviously never stepped inside a Norwegian wood!

      mema0005mema0005חודש לפני
    • Yeah, even in the cinema I noticed vehicles got flipped at the slightest inconvenience.

      Joseph SimpsonJoseph Simpsonחודש לפני
    • The Beatles sang about that.

      Joel SpringmanJoel Springmanחודש לפני
    • the ewoks won

      Nick AdamsNick Adamsחודש לפני
  • "A biological weapon more powerful that several of Bonds STDs" I died

    Stephen NolanStephen Nolanחודש לפני
  • "Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home & ph**k the prom queen." And, THAT'S why Connery is, & always will be, the BEST bond!

    Marnie SuttonMarnie Suttonחודש לפני
  • This is the best episode of screen junkies for me so far.

    Saroj PantaSaroj Pantaחודש לפני
  • Connery’s line is more badass than anything that happens in the movie

    Kristos SamarasKristos Samarasחודש לפני
  • "Carla was the prom queen" You're damn right she was.

    alexalexחודש לפני
    • No wonder if felt similar when i watched that movie. Of course The Rock would come to mind. The OG Bond

      ken0746ken0746חודש לפני
    • I have a shirt with that quote

      Nacho AverageBearNacho AverageBearחודש לפני
  • "Literal Bond Girl" made me laugh for quite a while.

    Gary VGary Vחודש לפני
  • _The Rock_ is the final real Bond movie. That's my story, and I am sticking to it

    Thomas R. HartThomas R. Hartחודש לפני
  • Nice summary. Tbh After watching the movie I felt I had binge watched 3 episodes of a spy thriller from Netflix and not one cohesive bond movie. Ah well. You live and learn. PS Paloma's scene was full of energy so much so that it felt it was from another film!

    jim jamjim jam6 ימים לפני
  • Do one for Arcane next and start with "From the animation studio that thinks it's a game company".

    Md Shariful IslamMd Shariful Islamחודש לפני
  • "Cease all motor functions." Nothing has made me laugh so hard in a while. Well done!

    Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnsonחודש לפני
    • best joke so far

      MonstersMonstersחודש לפני
    • LOL, the sound of the body hitting the groud was the cherry on top.

      JGuilhermeJGuilhermeחודש לפני
  • This was the first Bond film I ever watched, that’s what convinced me to watch the others! 😂😂😂😂

  • The best part of this is Connery's line.

    k ck cחודש לפני
  • Dare I say, Ana de Armas should have a spin off movie...

    Tulf42Tulf42חודש לפני
  • One of the best overall "starings" sets in some time

    DjKoZoToDjKoZoToחודש לפני
  • I'll be honest. I teared a little when Bond knew that he wouldn't see Madeleine and his daughter again

    Ronald Elías Cordero CallesRonald Elías Cordero Callesחודש לפני
    • I teared because of how terrible the movie was

      O²8 ימים לפני
    • the first time i watched it, i didn't, 'cause the whole movie made a point of hinting at him dying, but the second time i did because the whole movie is genuinely pure depression lol

      Kylei WalkerKylei Walker21 יום לפני
    • Same… I like to pretend he’s living happily ever after with Madeleline and Matilde somewhere where his enemies can’t find him (and that there was a cure to the weird… blood… plague. Thing.).

      Chelnah the EggheadChelnah the Eggheadחודש לפני
    • I appreciated it in context but.I didn't care about either character so it didn't do much for me.

      Jordan SweetJordan Sweetחודש לפני
    • @D.J. Rose thank your reply , yes i honnestly agree with you , personelment, bond is not a fictional character i would relate too but charaters in any Mike mills , charlie Kaufman or spike lee movie for instance that draws closer to the reality ( at certain relatable point ) i will care enought but yes i can agree with you.

      icaruszero7icaruszero7חודש לפני
  • "cease all motor functions" that's a really good one! 😂

    Gangadhar PGangadhar Pחודש לפני
  • I just watched this movie today and it broke me. No other movie in the Bond series has had me on the edge of my seat or hit me emotionally hard like this one. I've been asking for a movie where James Bond doesn't survive for years now and when they finally make one it's where I want him to live. Why give him a family and then just kill him off?! 😭

    Benjamin GuzmanBenjamin Guzmanחודש לפני
  • I've been depressed about this movie since I saw it but you make a good point! "Bond is immune to explosions!"...LOL

    T Jon KellyT Jon Kelly16 ימים לפני
  • "If something is wrong with the face, they hate the human race." I lost it right there.. hahaahahaha

    Todd SouthgateTodd Southgateחודש לפני
  • "Hannibal Spectre" may be the most underrated joke of the century.

    Bryan Hernández DempseyBryan Hernández Dempseyחודש לפני
    • If it was Mads it would have been the greatest.

      James FlynnJames Flynnחודש לפני
    • you're not wrong

      DarthBiz209DarthBiz209חודש לפני
  • "Law and Order SUV" made me laugh harder than it should have.

    VordtVordtחודש לפני
  • Cease all motor functions had me dying Didn’t expect that reference

    Sara AbozeidSara Abozeidחודש לפני
  • The 'Westworld' reference was well crafted.

    SteveLampirisSteveLampirisחודש לפני
  • Give me the chills with the line "For I Am God's Mighty Angel....For I... Am Eternal ! ".

    DER SteffenDER Steffenחודש לפני
  • Yous should have announced a date for this honest trailer, then kept pushing it back for about 19 months

    Andrew Andrew חודש לפני
    • Underrated comment

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